• Studies in the serology of syphilis

    VII. On the supposed artificial induction of a positive Wassermann reaction in originally negative human sera

    • Harry Eagle
    Published in issue: May 1932
  • The Vernes-Bricq-Yvon photometer

    Its application to routine biochemical work, with special reference to the estimation of phosphorus in blood

    • E. Obermer,
    • R. Milton
    Published in issue: May 1932
  • Human biology and racial welfare

    28 Authors. Edited by Edmund V. Cowdry, Professor of Cytology, Washington University, St. Louis. With an introduction by Edwin R. Embree. Illustrated. Cloth. Pages 612. Paul B. Hoeber, Inc. New York. 1930

    Published in issue: May 1932
  • American physicians and surgeons

    A Biographical Directory of Practicing Members of the Medical Profession in the United States and Canada. Including supplements in which are listed and classified the leading hospitals, sanitariums and health resorts of both countries. Prepared by James Clark Fifield, Editor of The American Bar. Leather. Pages 1737. The Midwest Company, Minneapolis. 1931

    Published in issue: May 1932